Yantra Classes, Workshops, and Retreats

Classes and Workshops will teach you the correct construction methods and painting techniques to create your very own Yantra!  Also, learn the history and traditional uses of a Yantra. Retreats include yoga and kirtan for an even more complete integration. RSVP Now!

Yantra classes:
  Are offered on weekly ongoing basis in Arcata CA.  A class series consists of four 2 to 3 hour sessions.
*View supply list below
  • Class 1: Introduction to the basic Yantra construction process.
  • Class 2: Completion and/or corrections of the basic Yantra. 
    Students begin painting the Yantra.
  • Class 3: Painting continues.
  • Class 4: Painting is completed and students are shown techniques
    for using the Yantra in their yoga practice.
Yantra Workshops: Are presented at interested Yoga Studios, retreat centers, art schools and by personal invitation. A Workshop consists of 2 consecutive days 10-4:00 PM.   The first day incorporates Classes 1 & 2 and the second incorporates Classes 3 & 4. *View supply list below.

Kirtan, Yoga, & Yantra Retreats: Expand and Deepen your Yoga practice with up to 9 days of classes at Queen Salmon Retreat Center on the banks of the Beautiful Mad River in Humboldt Co. CA! 3 day and 9 day package deals available.

  • 2 yoga classes
  • 1 Yantra construction class
  • 1 Mantra class
  • 1 Kirtan class/music lesson
  • Campfire Kirtan every evening!

2011 Yantra Camp
  • Group meals prepared under the supervision
    of Chef Adam G. Lovelace!
  • Beautiful Camping areas!
  • Swimming in the Mad River!
  • Only 1 hour from Arcata!
  • Deep Wilderness Camp is an
    opportunity to strengthen your practice with no distractions.

Let us know what you would like to attend
and we will send you more information. Jai MA!

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 What do you wish to attend? Yantra Painting Class
Yantra Workshop
Summer Retreat

ools the Student needs to bring for Yantra Painting:

  1. 30 cm/12 in ruler
  2. 12 cm/5 in triangle
  3. Drafting compass
  4. 4H or harder pencil
  5. Retractable detail eraser
  6. White plastic eraser
  7. Watercolor palette
  8. 4 watercolor brushes 0/3, 1, 2, and 3.
Approx. $30-$50 at an art or engineering store.

* High quality watercolor paper
   and all paints are provided.

All scheduled classes and workshops are geared towards teaching yoga students of every level these ancient designs.   No prior art experience is required to successfully complete your Yantra!

To Register for Classes, Workshops, or Retreats contact:

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