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Simply put, a Yantra is a visual representation of the resonance of a Mantra. 

These iconographic images have been handed down through the ages by the Saddhus and seers of ancient India.  Yantra painting is complimentary to, and an integral part of, Japa Mantra and Yoga Asana practices.

Painting a Yantra gives yoga students of all levels
a tool to develop:
  • concentration, 
  • focus, 
  • calmness, Yantra Painting at a 9-day Retreat
  • and attention to detail. 
The skills required to paint a Yantra helps to unify a students entire practice and encourages many benefits associated with general well being! 

Traditional Yoga postures focus on developing and maintaining flexibility and strengt
h in our physical bodies, associated with the right hemisphere of our brains.  Painting a Yantra, associated with the left hemisphere of the brain, develops and maintains flexibility and strength in our analytical minds.  

To use the Yantra as the point of focus during a Japa Mantra or Yoga Asana practice engages the mind actively with the body creating deeper relaxation.

The experience of painting your own Yantra is uplifting, fulfilling and fun!   It is a tool to u
nlock personal potential and understanding of Yoga.

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